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W is for...

Today I had my first ultrasound in almost a year.
Well, except for the emergency room visit.
W is for Wanda. Everyone's favorite friend.
Image result for wanda ultrasound

Dr. B was running a little late. Darn those other women and their eggs. I remember my Nurse Coordinator telling me that ovaries don't know what day it is (about working holidays). Apparently they don't know what time it is either...

So I waited. Half naked. Covered by an over-sized paper napkin.
Just me and the ultrasound machine. Wanda.
Should I play with her? Roll the giant track ball around a bit? 
Would they know? I mean, it's not like they can have cameras in there, right?

I grabbed my phone. I checked Etsy. I messaged my transfer groups and talked about the horrors of cervical clamping that may be in my near future. I waited. 
I was bombarded with photos of babies. 
I love babies. 
I'm still waiting.

I always feel so awkward waiting there. Trying to decide if I should let my feet dangle, or put them in the stirrups. One down, one up? 
I didn't want to seem over eager, so I let them dangle.

It's now 9:54 and I hear Dr. B! I'm excited to get this over with...until she goes into the room next door. To the person who just got here. I complain to whoever is active on messenger. They could have at least drawn my blood first, right?

Dr. B arrives! I haven't seen her in almost a year. I've messaged back and forth with my Coordinator, but Dr. B charges the big bucks, and she is reserved for the important stuff. Like dates with Wanda.

She asks how my shop is doing, and I tell her about the 2nd. She asks for the name and says she will pass it along to patients who ask where to get fun stuff. Sounds good to me.

It's Wanda time. Lube. Pressure. Awkward conversation. My lining is 8mm. I don't know what it should be today. I know 12-16 is good for transfer. We aren't having a transfer, we're having a biopsy.  In one week it should thicken to "perfect" ... courtesy of the Progesterone injections, which start tomorrow. Assuming my blood work comes back okay.

My blood is drawn, I don't watch. I don't mind the needle so much, but knowing it was in my arm, and now it's in a vial...yeah, that creeps me out. Next I meet with my Nurse Coordinator. We go over my calendar. She gives me a little refresher on the PIO (Progesterone In Oil) injection, talks about starting steroids—at night, before bed. No sleep for this lady. Then we go over the consent form for the company that does the actual ERA, Isagenix. I am to read it over, fill it out/sign it, and bring it back on Monday.

Monday is just a blood draw. They will check my Estradiol and Progesterone levels. 
PIO starts tomorrow. My hip/butt hurts already. 
A daily dose of 2ml of thick liquid, injected painfully slow.
7 pm is go time, wish me luck!


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