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Q is for...

Well, that was fast. Much faster than we expected.
Q is for quickly.

I emailed our nurse coordinator on Monday (the 25th) to let her know we are ready for this break to be over. After transferring 2 PGS normal, 5AA and 6AA embryos (basically perfect), and having both fail to implant, we are looking for some answers.

We have decided to move forward with the Endometrial Receptivity Assessment (ERA—more info below) before either transferring our 3rd (and last) embryo from the first retrieval, or moving on to a second retrieval.

My coordinator replied back on the 27th, asking if we had any travel plans (that could interfere with appointments) and the date I started my last period. When would we like to start?

I replied back this morning. No travel plans. We would like to start as soon as possible. My period started today.
And then my phone rang. It's been a while since I've seen ORM on my caller ID.
I start birth control pills on Sunday, 3/31 and we will have a blood draw 4/24 to decide if we are ready to start injections.

I know I said I wanted to start asap, but I wasn't expected it to move quite that fast. Oh well, it's nice to get the ball rolling again. And find some answers. And hopefully make a baby. #OperationBabyDragon

What exactly is an ERA?
The short answer: it's a transfer cycle, but instead of placing an embryo, they take a biopsy of the uterine lining. The same process as an endometrial scratch...which is when I learned your CERVIX can move. And mine did. To the point where Dr. B had to CLAMP IT IN PLACE. Un-medicated pain. This was MISERABLE...sign me up for the epidural if I ever make it to childbirth.

So the ERA...they take a biopsy. They send it out for testing ($$$$$) and then the results come back.
The results help determine the best day to implant an embryo. For most women, this is 5 days after ovulation, but 3 in 10 women come back as pre or post receptive. The sample is tested and 238 genes involved in endometrial receptivity are analyzed to give a personalized window, down to the hour.


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