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W is for...

Today I contacted my Nurse Coordinator to let her know our break would be longer than we originally planned. W is for waiting.

I've had my nephews quite a bit since the end of September. My brother works full time, and although the 3.5 year old (G) is in preschool, it's only 2x a week, for about 3 hours each time.
My mom (Grandma) has both kids pretty much full time, so I've stepped in to help as much as I can.

The 2 year old (L) is getting smarter each day, and along with that comes the sass and defiance, which makes him quite the handful sometimes. So I take him, or G, and we hang out. We have sleepovers, we package orders, we watch Little Baby Bum, and we run errands. We go to Costco. Man do those kids love Costco.

Snacks. Drinks. Forklifts. Ceiling fans. Yep, Costco = Ceiling fans.

I love my buddies, and I'm glad I can help, but I'm also tired of waiting.

This entire process, it seems like we've always been waiting for something.
Ovulation day.
Test day.