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R is for...

My sister in law committed suicide on September 29th.
It's been a lot. A lot of changes. A lot of emotions. A lot of resent. R is for resent.

She left FOUR children behind.
A 14 year old boy (P). An 8 year old girl (B). Both from previous relationships, but still my family.
She and my brother had two children together. My sweet, sassy, cuddly nephews.
One celebrated their 2nd birthday 1 week after her passing (L). The other, less than 18 months older, is now 3.5 (G).

She had her demons—don't we all.
She struggled with substance abuse. Kratom. Alcohol. Pain pills.
She had suffered from postpartum depression.
She hit a low (she was drinking antifreeze), went to rehab, and was "fixed".

Throughout all this, unbeknownst to us she was plotting. She had spun a web of lies (she worked at the rehab center, was divorced, owner the house she lived in, etc), met a new guy, told my brother she was done. One night, while my brother was at work, she packed up as much as she could a…