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D is for...

ORM seems to be having some communication issues, and our cycle has been cancelled due to us receiving contradicting information from one person to the next. D is for dropping the ball.

Chad and I have sent a letter to ORM stating there are several issues that need to be addressed and corrected before we are willing to move forward.

Aside from those issues, I really just need a break, both physically and emotionally, from all of this. The rest of this year will be IVF-stress free (if only it could be etsy-stress free as well), and we will start over in January.

I may or may not keep up with posting.

S is for

We had a bit of a scare on Saturday.
Warning: Graphic post ahead
S is for scary.
Since our last failed transfer (in May) I have only had one full menstrual June.

Before IVF, my cycle was like clockwork, every 29 days. I have been having spotting on and off for about the last month.

Saturday afternoon I began experiencing abdominal pain, but only on the left side. It was stronger than normal cramps, and reminded me a bit of the ovarian cysts I have had rupture in the past, but not as bad. I had some leftover Norco from egg retrieval last October, so I took one, and waited for the pain to subside.

Around the same time, I began heavily bleeding. Being 29 years old, I would say I've had my fair share of periods. I've even had 3 post-hormonal injection periods, and none have ever come close to this.

Possible TMI....I filled a tampon AND a pad in an hour. Since starting this process, the doctors have always insisted that if it woman soaks through a pad in an hour, …