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B is for...

Beta day. Baffled. Buying 4 bottles of wine. 
At 10 am I had my blood drawn to check my beta hCG level, as well as estradiol (estrogen) and progesterone. Around 1 pm, while at the grocery store, I logged in to my patient portal to check for results. There they were, staring back at me.
I expected it, thanks to the home test I took when I woke up this morning...but it still hurts to have it confirmed. I headed to the snack aisle and stocked up on some sour patch kids and chips and queso.
My phone rang. It was the clinic. I sent it to voicemail. Can't break down in the middle of the store, that would be awkward. I forwarded it to Chad to listen to, in case there was something other than "so sorry" or "call on day 1 of your next cycle". He said that was about it.
Then I headed to to the wine. 4 bottles ought to do it, right?
Next, I deleted the "ultrasound" appointment from my calendar, and headed home to color and drown my so…

T is for...

T is for Transfer. Embryo Transfer Day.  One of the scariest, most nerve wracking days of this whole process. But with Valium, to relax the uterus. Okay, and maybe me, but just a little.  Arrival time, 1:45 pm. Go time, 2:30 pm. We planned for traffic and a possible bridge lift...of course there were neither. We pulled into the parking lot at about 12:50 pm. Oops. Oh well, now we can be fidgety in front of the receptionist instead of at home. 
A full bladder is necessary, I am expected to drink 32 oz of clear liquids in the hour leading up to the procedure. Last time my bladder was painfully full, so I decided 20 oz ought to do it this time. 
We check in on the first floor, and head up to the second. I haven't spent much time on this floor. 4 appointments to be exact.         The first - a consultation with an anesthesiologist near the                  beginning of the process. Egg retrievals come with anesthesia.         The second - Egg retrieval. Complete with oral pain meds, …

I is for...

So I may have lied to you all in my first post.
We knew exactly when the next transfer would be. The 22nd. Two and a half weeks from today. EEK! 
Any of you who have been through this process know exactly what that means. Injections. I is for injections. I is also for I lied. I am a horrible person. Or a private one....however you want to look at it.
After losing my father, grandmother, grandpa and great aunt all in about 18 months, I have a strong aversion to the phrases "I'm sorry" and "I'm sorry for your loss" ... almost as much as I've come to hate "It's all in God's plan" -- but that usually comes from someone who has NO idea how infertility works, and are telling us to just "stop trying and it will happen," ... yep, because that works on every other disease and diagnosis, right?
Anyway...back to today's scheduled programming,
Today is the first day of injections for this transfer cycle. Delestrogen. Estrogen in (fa…